Jessica York, Interior Designer

Jessica York, Interior Designer

I grew up hearing tales of my great-grandfather Victor traveling the world by ship and rail in the 1920s on behalf of his interior design clients.

My grandmother Rosemary’s home was adorned with photographs he’d taken and furniture, bronze sculptures, and other artwork he’d collected in Europe and across the United States. Every piece brought the stories to life when she’d tell them. To this day, two of my most treasured keepsakes are an antique chest that’s displayed in my own home and a wooden address book inlaid with mother of pearl, filled with pages of names and addresses of great-granddad’s clients and favorite shops.

“I grew up hearing stories about my great-grandfather traveling the world to shop for his interior design clients—and I’m reminded of them every time I look at the beautiful antique chest I have in my home.”

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His stories and travels, combined with my personal love for fashion, art, and design, inspired my path to a career in interior design. After more than a decade of interior design experience with private firms, I opened JRY Studio in 2010, focusing on high-end residential interior design and becoming an Allied Member of ASID. While my primary clientele owns homes or vacation homes in Arizona, I have also created beautiful, warm interior spaces for clients in New York, California, and New Mexico.

Jessica York’s grandfather

“It’s important to hear each client’s needs and desires, and bring their vision to life. In that respect, I’ve always felt like I’m carrying on my great-grandfather’s tradition.”

Incorporating lush fabrics, landscapes, and bold statement art pieces, I pride myself on channeling my clients’ style and collaborating with them to define their vision. You have a personal story, and it’s my passion to convey it—creating spaces that you love and exceed your expectations—through elegant design.